Why do I fear the darkness?

I do fear darkness
I fear what it shows
I fear what it does not show

I do fear darkness
When it highlights what I am
What I am not
When it enlightens me:
There are things I cannot do

It always invites me
But I cannot oblige
Darkness is everywhere
Bright-blinding beauty
Even more colorful than
Light divided

A blind Santa out of season
Darkness comes without invitation
Through a squared-hole
At the threshold of my personal cosmos
In which I am compeled
To turn off the light

Dying of the light?

Do not look up like Abraham did
You could misunderstand the prophecy
Stars are few – sparse dropplets of dew
If we only knew when Edson sent us the bill!
Paths down here were so bright at night
That we ignored how we would miss the suns, so bright

I miss the mystical zodiacs, all of them
The sugary taste of the Milky Way band
I miss the stargazing between lovers
The silence yelling at us: ‘Explorers!’
Dark space is cheating. It seems disperse
It lies of a dimmer, poorer universe

I believe we can still use our brains though
For heavens’ sake, we can change rivers’ flow!
We can give back the sky its former paint
Those wild streetlights can still be tamed
There’s hope to return to that bliss
Star loaded sky watching a loving kiss