Fashion Week

In response to

People are usually astonished
By all the different dresses
That I have fashioned myself
I am proud of my good work
As an adventurous Stylist

‘Sulphur’ and ‘Mercury’ open up
Overall, though, Black is still gorgeous
‘Light’ takes colors everywhere
And Red is inviting, isn’t it?
Rock belts are for the casual
Safe to say, ‘Jupiter’ is storming!
Yet, no one behats my ‘Dust Rings’:
Singing to Creativity!
Then I use different Blue twice
Ending the parade in style
Mind you, it’s my personnal favorite!
I even dressed it up once.

If I were Jupiter

If I were Jupiter I would try to mind my own business
Seriously. As if it wasn’t enough to be that attractive:
Taller than everyone, broad shoulders
And such a penetrating eye!
Everybody wants to come close to him, of course
– Even comets, those show offs!
The guy is simply, well, magnetic
Even small microbes such as scientists send him stuff!

Well, life is unfair in the Solar System
Big-shots get all possible attention
Whereas I, a simple grain of dust,
Just go around and around
Never able to escape the Sun
Let alone being noticed by those next to me

Space travel

To my friends Aline and Helder, Alyne and Bruno, Cássia and Caio, Edvaldo, Emily and Tom, Luana and Tiago, Hannah and Kyle, Ingrid and Thiago, Rachael and Tony

Farewell! I am going at the speed of light
To Memory – that planet in which I might
have my feelings flattened, dried up eyeballs.
Were you myth? Will I struggle to recall?
As far as relativity theory goes
time as I see will have a different flow
We won’t experience the same (who does though?
One’s a short aria, others an oratorio)
Fear not, dear friend! You won’t be populace
there. You are now part of my flight computer
Which all inputs are now bound to respond
You have rewritten my whole database –
because of that my ship flies now much better –
You shall travel with me there and beyond

Why do I fear the darkness?

I do fear darkness
I fear what it shows
I fear what it does not show

I do fear darkness
When it highlights what I am
What I am not
When it enlightens me:
There are things I cannot do

It always invites me
But I cannot oblige
Darkness is everywhere
Bright-blinding beauty
Even more colorful than
Light divided

A blind Santa out of season
Darkness comes without invitation
Through a squared-hole
At the threshold of my personal cosmos
In which I am compeled
To turn off the light

Haikus on the Solar System

I had this idea of publishing haikus more or less often. Even better: about the Solar System objects. I will be posting them as they appear.

Hiding from a hawk
the mockingbird eats big bugs.
Mom hand-picks nice beans


Light just travels fast
Whirling towards a black hole.
Light up the fireplace!


Sun shines on Saturn
Bouncing from my wedding band.
Should it be roses?


What is the space-time
But to stargaze, one more time,
Now and the next spring?


A bench at the park
One feels the colorless wind.
(Not in the storm’s eye.)


My mute screwdriver
Turns around a speechless bolt
Birds chirp underneath


A very bright day
I do not gaze at a screen.
Deep, black dotted sky


An awful weather
Eyes are sadly frustrated
Seeing stars on a screen


I see stars in Space
Imagination leads me
Chilled, I pray in peace


I travel to Space
My eyes fall down with the leaves
Church doors are opened

Dying of the light?

Do not look up like Abraham did
You could misunderstand the prophecy
Stars are few – sparse dropplets of dew
If we only knew when Edson sent us the bill!
Paths down here were so bright at night
That we ignored how we would miss the suns, so bright

I miss the mystical zodiacs, all of them
The sugary taste of the Milky Way band
I miss the stargazing between lovers
The silence yelling at us: ‘Explorers!’
Dark space is cheating. It seems disperse
It lies of a dimmer, poorer universe

I believe we can still use our brains though
For heavens’ sake, we can change rivers’ flow!
We can give back the sky its former paint
Those wild streetlights can still be tamed
There’s hope to return to that bliss
Star loaded sky watching a loving kiss

The ballad of the first martians

First martians were few earthling guys
They went just to try and then colonize
But they couldn’t do everything alone
They had to have cleaners up there, you know

They flew up from the ISS
A handful of smart person assets
Their job was totally new to us
But of course there was toilets and dust

They cultivated several plants
And wrote the data on our new homeland
However no one could fail to note
The special care to weed for smoke

First martians were few earthling guys
They went just to try and then colonize
But they couldn’t do everything alone
They had to have cleaners up there, you know

Some years ahead the embryos throve
Surrogacy ladies arrived from above
But the embryos grew and soon they knew
‘We will need some nanies here in our crew’

Then scientists were there all alone
No one to talk. Then came the clones
And Earth too sent some pets to play with
And then gravediggers for the deceased

After all, our new home was the planet Mars
The first new tenament up in the stars
To explore it more we sent the miners
And did they rock! Those heavy metallers!

First martians were few earthling guys
They went just to try and then colonize
But they couldn’t do everything alone
They had to have cleaners up there, you know

The truce

We war fiercely over it
Swords of ink, shields of magazines
If it is mere random machine
Or the ‘Creation’, that fits
In the great scheme of things we call existence

But can we agree a truce?
A pause, to light a campfire
at the boundary of our Empires
of Philosophy and Proof,
Gazing the Cosmos. Awe at its exuberance!

We share the same cosmic map
We share the findings all over
And we share our tools. Then, perhaps,
We could also share our wonder
With minds bigger then their jobs for instance

Dancing ideas, not sweepers
Applying Chemistry, not chemicals
Being just children, not academicals
Turning us into brain feeders
Of those who rejoice on inteligence

Skies are vast, revealing fields.
Fields are poor veils to more skies:
New World, Indias, new countrysides
To be conquered. To be unveiled
Pushing the bondaries of our ignorance

We love the conversation
Of our observatories and pen
And marvel before the Expansion
But our tools need to be sharpened
To observe God. There is so much evidence!

So I must end our truce now
Because I’m not okay with
People always going around
Thinking, behaving as if
They know everything in their arrogance

I shall take that sword of ink
Yes! And stand up on my knees!
For one day our lives will shrink
And this Map, from above, we’ll see:
Cosmos is but a speck in His Presence

A night with my daughter

The name of that big group is Orion
And they give you pretty good smiles
Can you see it uses
A belt? And there’s Betelgeuse,
The red star, far away thousands of miles

Can you see over there? It’s Taurus
(Which means ‘bull’, not walrus)
It has mighty horns;
The little tail forms
The Pleaides, seven stars in a chorus

The frightening Scorpius is gigantic
Seen from both halfs of the Atlantic
At its heart it’s Antares
Big. Red. There it is!
Don’t you think this one is terrific?

Look over there that “W”, dear Sophia,
Near Polaris. It’s called Cassiopeia
Mark this if you are lost:
Polaris points to the North
Hey, stop asking about pizzaria!

These constellations are just a handful
Of stars. Artificial, but very useful
The sky is so vast
But you can learn it fast!
Now, you just have to be really careful:

My daughter, if you ever go to Brazil
Do not forget this navigational skill
There’s the Southern Cross –
Recall that high cost
Of the Innocent who was killed