A night with my daughter

The name of that big group is Orion
And they give you pretty good smiles
Can you see it uses
A belt? And there’s Betelgeuse,
The red star, far away thousands of miles

Can you see over there? It’s Taurus
(Which means ‘bull’, not walrus)
It has mighty horns;
The little tail forms
The Pleaides, seven stars in a chorus

The frightening Scorpius is gigantic
Seen from both halfs of the Atlantic
At its heart it’s Antares
Big. Red. There it is!
Don’t you think this one is terrific?

Look over there that “W”, dear Sophia,
Near Polaris. It’s called Cassiopeia
Mark this if you are lost:
Polaris points to the North –
Not to the closest pizzaria!

These constellations are just a handful
Of stars. Artificial, but very useful
The sky is so vast
But you can learn it fast!
Now, you just have to be really careful:

My daughter, if you ever go to Brazil
Do not forget this navigational skill
There’s the Southern Cross –
Recall that high cost
Of the Innocent who was killed


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