Once, in Europa

When he first saw her, was impressed by such an unheard smooth skin. Pale, finely hydrated… Clever, he had found his way to her, with impressive detail. Soon he was having thoughts. She, was inviting: almost begged to be “explored” – no jokes. He was most interested – who woudn’t? It’s an almost unique love story anyway. But Juliet had a huge, mean father. Insomuch tyrannical. On his side, everybody said “forget it”, “she lives too far”, “you won’t get anything from that”. She sure was forced to keep some distance. He doesn’t care tough, given his intelligence. Romeo believes she has life in her, albeit exotic. And he owns quite a good rocket. Fate had separated them. Despite that, something won’t change: he’s not stopping, as Fate is just another challenge.


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  1. rosemawrites disse:

    Oh. This is sweet. 🙂


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